YMCA Camp wraps up at Marion Elementary School – Arkansas News

YMCA Camp wraps up at Marion Elementary School – Arkansas News

YMCA Camp wraps up at Marion Elementary School

‘ When Phonics Meets Playground’

Marion School District Dancing proved to be the perfect shelter from the rain Friday as YMCA Summer Enrichment Campers at Marion Elementary jammed out in the cafeteria to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ on their last full day of camp.

“Music is a calming device and you’re able to just be free,” said Tina Wade, a YMCA Counselor.

Individuality has been strongly encouraged throughout the eight week program as a way to build character and self-esteem.

Literacy has been an equal priority.

“Our district is making a huge push toward literacy. We have a new phonics program and several other things that we’re doing and this is part of it… They’re not regressing over the summer. They’re making progress in between second and third grade and in between third and forth,” said Principal Adam O’Neal, Marion Elementary School.

Counselors have witnessed the kids willfully exceed camp goals set by the Y as listed on their website: “Through Y summer programs, the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of all youth are nurtured and celebrated. Children as well as Teens will build positive character values, develop new skills, and make new friends all while participating in a fun and healthy atmosphere!”

“The most rewarding part of this experience has been watching the kids excel to a level of freedom without being judged… and making sure kindergarteners have the basic school skills for the upcoming year,” said Wade.

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