Colorado liquor stores brace for grocery beer sales – Colorado News

Colorado liquor stores brace for grocery beer sales – Colorado News


Here’s the different spots in town where you can stock up on groceries.
Jacob Laxen

Liquor stores prep for increased competition when grocers enter the beer market in 2019

As Bullfrog Wine & Spirits general manager Josh Beard glances out of his office window, he notices three gas station convenience stores and one of Colorado’s largest grocery stores.

All four establishments in Beard’s periphery from the North Fort Collins liquor store will soon become Bullfrog’s competitors as Colorado’s alcohol laws are overhauled with the most significant changes since Prohibition.

The low-alcohol beer currently stocked at grocery and convenience stores across Colorado is scheduled to become extinct in 2019, when retailers currently capped at selling 3.2 percent alcohol beers will be allowed to sell full-strength beer and malt beverages like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice.

That means the state’s approximately 1,600 liquor stores are expecting to see double the competition within two years.

“We all will have to do something different,” Beard said. “Some of us (liquor stores) are planning to get bigger. Some are planning to get smaller. Some will probably have to close.”

Though the ability to sell wine and spirits will still set liquor stores apart in 2019,…

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