Compagnie Marie Chouinard brings a provocative ballet program to Aspen – Colorado News

Compagnie Marie Chouinard brings a provocative ballet program to Aspen – Colorado News

The bold and brilliant Montreal-based choreographer Marie Chouinard is bringing two of her ballet company’s signature pieces to Aspen. In “24 Preludes by Chopin” and “Rite of Spring,” Chouinard harnesses the power of iconic music by Chopin and Stravinskly and her company’s skillful dancers to take an audience on what she calls “a voyage into the human soul.”

Presented by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, the one-night guest performance runs Friday evening at the Aspen District Theatre.

After a distinguished career as a solo performer and choreographer, Chouinard – who the New York Times once dubbed “Montreal’s extroverted bad-girl choreographer” – formed her company in 1990. Her work with Compagnie Marie Chouinard utilizes elements of contemporary and classical ballet along with dance traditions from around the world, honoring the wonders of the human body in potent ballets of primal and carnal inspiration.

The 10-dancer company travels the world speaking the international language of dance. Recent tour stops have have included Europe, India and the U.S. Audiences are essentially the same everywhere, Chouinard believes.

“We are basically all human beings and all relate to works of art – it’s like listening to Bach or something, the human brain reacts very similarly,” she said earlier this summer from Venice, where Chouinard directs the dance program from the Venice Biennale. “I don’t see so many differences. It’s the human soul in a work of art.”

While both of the works in Saturday’s program are responses to classical music, these one-act pieces – bisected by an intermission – don’t necessarily complement one another. Chouinard wants each to stand on its own.

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