Davos Dash is the winner at the Davos Dash – Colorado News

Davos Dash is the winner at the Davos Dash – Colorado News

WEST VAIL — Welcome to the Davos Dash, the annual bike race that blurs the lines between recreational racing and pure masochism.

This is technically the second-to-last Vail Recreation District’s East West Destination Hospitality Mountain Bike Race Series, but racers always circle this one on the calendar.

It’s nearly 1,000 feet uphill in more than 3 miles.

“It doesn’t matter what fitness you’re at, it’s always hard,” men’s pro rider Cristhian Ravelo said. “If you are just getting started in cycling, it’s going to feel hard because you haven’t been training. If you’re a pro, it’s hard because you’re going against really fast guys. Everyone’s going to feel it.”

This is coming from a rider who finished second only to Jay Henry on Wednesday. Ravelo is competing in the Leadville 100 later this month and then off to Vermont for a four-day stage race. (By the way, Gretchen Reeves won on the women’s side, but both Henry’s and Lisa Isom’s records still stand.)

Ravelo rides for a living and the Davos Dash takes it out of him. Therefore, the Wednesday warrior should feel even better about him or herself for doing it.

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Oh, stop that

Peter Davis, of Eagle, is no stranger to the Davos Dash.

“You gotta dash the whole way if you want to go fast,” said Davis, who’s in the men’s vet expert category. “It starts here in West Vail and you have to be on the gas the whole way.”

What Davis did not mention at that point is how he warms up for the Davos Dash — by doing the Davos Dash.

Yes, he did it twice on Wednesday, one as a warm-up and then the real thing, which is really obnoxious. Seriously, Davis is a nice a guy as one will meet, but a good…

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