Democrats recycle dilapidated message – Arkansas News

Democrats recycle dilapidated message – Arkansas News

Published 9:54 p.m. CT Aug. 1, 2017

It is going to take more than recycling a worn-out message with shiny new paper and presenting it wearing wrinkly, dress-down clothes to attract the folks in flyover country.

Nevertheless, that’s what they did, when three has-beens, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren arrived in rolled-up sleeves and wrinkled pants in Berryville, Virginia, on July 24, to introduce their party’s new slogan, “A Better Deal.” 

They were about as convincing as the Three Amigos.

Democrats’ “Better Deal” is about as new and exciting as the beautifully wrapped, inflatable unicorn-horn hat you received during the white-elephant gift exchange last year that you promptly put in the Salvation Army donation box. 

Offering government handouts without regard for what happens in the future is not a good or better deal. It is a bad deal … a foolish deal … a failed deal, and more of the same kind of awful deal they have offered the American people since the Democrat Party succumbed to Progressivism. Their antics the past six months show they are not…

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