Diversity – Bah Hum-bug! | Sonoran News – Arizona News

Diversity – Bah Hum-bug! | Sonoran News – Arizona News

Oh no! The newspaper I trust most, after the Sonoran News, is the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). We never use either one in our outhouse, out of respect for their content. But the N.Y. Times is regularly used there. The WSJ is now on hold because it recently announced that it is going to reorganize so it can, “Increase the ‘diversity’ of its newsroom leadership.” I’m not sure what that portends, but whenever I hear the word “diversity” or “inequality” or “social justice” I know something very liberal, very phony, and very spooky is going to cost me more money and become a self-righteous slogan for Chuck Schumer.

The word “Diversity” has become the official liberal/progressive word for any program that organizes special groups into little ethnic protesters who consider themselves as “victims.” It now defines any lefty bunch that can be rounded up into a protest group seeking recognition of their cultures” while simultaneously rejecting America’s traditional “melting-pot” culture. They trade “melting-pot inclusiveness” for the warped theory that insists “diversity” is more important than America’s exceptionalism.

Today’s Diversity ideology has two major problems – what’s the criteria used to implement it? And the historical consequences that have created chaos where it has been adopted as “the” culture because it becomes intolerant of other cultures.

Maybe the best criteria for diversifying is to use the zoo method. Bring together all the species we need. Two giraffes, two zebras, two snakes, two donkeys, two skunks, etc, etc and lock each group in a cage so they won’t attack each other. But like…

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