Family ‘shocked’ by no charges in Phoenix boy’s heat-related death – Arizona News

Family ‘shocked’ by no charges in Phoenix boy’s heat-related death – Arizona News

The father and stepmother of 12-year-old Cody Flom, who died while hiking on a hot summer day in 2016, are “absolutely shocked and in disbelief” about the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office’s decision to not pursue charges against the man who took him there.

“There were so many things in the police report that pointed to child abuse and negligence,” said Heather Flom, wife to Cody’s father, Brian.

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In its report, the Phoenix Police Department said Cody was wearing a 40-pound backpack when he became ill on the Sidewinder Trail in north Phoenix. His mother’s boyfriend, who had taken Cody hiking, said he tried to carry the boy back down the trail but was unable.

The boyfriend told police he left Cody in the shade to go get help, according to the police report. A park ranger who made contact with the mother’s boyfriend said he “observed (Cody) to be lying on the ground on a combination of rocks and dirt and not being in the shade,” the report states.

The county attorney’s office issued a statement Monday saying it was unlikely there was enough evidence to uphold a criminal charge.

“We don’t believe Mike Smith, Cody’s mother’s boyfriend, took him out there to kill him,” Heather Flom said. “Nobody ever said it was intentional.

“But you have to be accountable.”

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Brian and Heather said they…

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