Five steps to becoming a true pitmaster | Food, Recipes & Entertaining – California News

Five steps to becoming a true pitmaster | Food, Recipes & Entertaining – California News

(BPT) – When the skies are blue and the sun is hot, some people hit the pool, drive to the nearest beach, kick back with a book on their deck, or fire up the grill.

If you’re one of those people who sees every summer day as an opportunity for grilling, or if you have your smoker going at the same time your neighbors are running their snow blower, you’re probably ready to take it to the next level.

How do you go from being an enthusiast to grilling and smoking meat like the best pitmasters? Here are five important steps to consider:

1. Use only the best quality ingredients. The best pitmasters and chefs will tell you that no matter your level of experience, if you don’t have great ingredients you can’t make a great meal. It’s that simple. This is as true in fine French cooking as it is in barbecue. As the winner of Food Network’s “Chopped: Grill Masters,” Pitmaster Ernest Servantes insists on using high-quality, flavorful fresh pork products from Smithfield(R) to get that pork that is tender and juicy every time.

2. Find the right chips. When smoking fresh meat, the combination of charcoal and wood chips can take your flavor to the next level. Pecan, red oak, hickory, apple or mesquite woods all have their unique attributes and flavors. One isn’t better than the other. It’s more a matter of your personal style. Take the time to experiment and learn what kind of wood works best for your signature meats and taste preferences.

3. Keep the rub simple. Once you have an amazing rack of ribs or perfectly marbled pork…

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