Growing up in Kingman brings on smiles | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

Growing up in Kingman brings on smiles | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

Hello everyone, my name is Melanie and I’m a new guest blogger for the Kingman Daily Miner. While I usually have a lot to say, I can’t think of one thing to write about today. I tend to jump around topics, go off topic, and otherwise, but not purposely, confuse people with what I’m saying. I might have ADD. (giggles)

I was not born in Kingman, Arizona, but I was raised here. As a child I didn’t have a care in the world, for Pete’s sake, I just wanted to have fun! And that I did. (smiles) My grandpa, Uncle, and I believe my dad helped too, maybe even other family members, I don’t remember, built us grandchildren a park. A literal park on my grandparent’s and Uncle’s connected properties. It was awesome! We had swings, monkey bars, other bars to swing on, a teeter totter like you’ve never seen, it went way high, a sandbox with a clubhouse over it being held up by telephone poles, ponds with waterfalls and a stream running through the whole thing combining both ponds. It seriously was the coolest thing. And we kids loved it. The bigger pond of the two, served as our first swimming pool, until our grandpa bought a huge above ground pool, built a huge wall and deck around it, with a locking gate to gain entry, and it even had a shower people. Then the ponds were filled with fish, and we had tadpoles. Tons of them! We watched them grow into these little frogs, and we would build Lego boats, put a frog in each of them and race them down the stream that connected the two ponds. Our clubhouse over the sandbox had a tall set of stairs leading up to it. It had a small porch, carpet and even some furniture inside. It was great to hide in and take aim when we were playing…

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