Jeff and McCain get it right – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Jeff and McCain get it right – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

“Jeff, take a look at this. Fairly hilarious,” I said, handing him the Tuesday issue of The Signal containing a letter to the editor responding to my prior column. In it, I quipped, “What’s next, Charles Manson for Human Services Secretary?”

Curt Scott had written, “You see, I’ve long held that if the GOP nominated Charles Manson for president, all the little lemmings would push and scramble to get to the polls to blithely cast their ballots for ‘their party’s designated guy.’

“And when the poll-watchers queried them and asked why they voted for Manson, their entirely predictable reply would be, as is the case in every election, ‘At least he’s better than (fill-in-the-blank Democrat).’”

Curt Scott finishes up with a sharp rapier of wit, “It’d be a colossal waste of my time to admonish any of those abyss-plunging voters with, “I told you so.” So, I won’t. Helter Skelter.

Jeff silently read Scott’s entire letter while the rest of us at the Starbucks table watched his expression slowly become pained and serious. Jeff slowly stood up and began to speak – regally, as if the ghost of Alexander Hamilton had invaded his engineer’s brain.

Jeff waved his long index finger directly in my face and with righteous indignation, spoke:

“Twenty years ago, a newspaper would not publish this garbage. Twenty years ago, they would roll up this trash and throw it away and it would never see the light of day on the printed page.

“This is the root of the problem than plagues us. This is the root of our dysfunction in government.

“Although we, and nearly all Americans, agree on 97 percent of nearly every issue that surrounds us,…

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