Littwin: Mooch fever breaks as GOP begins to see the real disease – Colorado News

Littwin: Mooch fever breaks as GOP begins to see the real disease – Colorado News

Give the Mooch this much. In return for 10 days of abasement, a lost marriage, a lost business, and a stream of quotes in The New Yorker that would make Lyndon Johnson blush, he’ll probably get a chapter, or at least a few pages, in the inevitable Trump books for being the, well, mook who was hired to fire Reince Priebus while daring to outcolorful his boss.

While Trump may have the Access Hollywood tape, he never once publicly suggested, as the Mooch did, that a colleague was a serial auto-fellater.

That Gen. John Kelly would fire the Mooch in his first day on the job as Donald Trump’s new chief of staff is being heralded as some kind of dramatic White House refashioning, as if firing the guy weren’t the most obvious personnel move since the Broncos dumped Tim Tebow. The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi captured Mooch’s 10 Days in July (or was it 10 Days That Shook the White House) in, what else, a tweet: “To summarize: Spicer quit because of Scaramucci, who took down Priebus, who was replaced by Kelly, who took down Scaramucci.”

But let’s not get carried away. Mooch, last seen being escorted from the White House grounds, is a footnote and nothing more, a farcical interlude in the never-ending Trump tragicomedy. Meanwhile, the elevation of Kelly is being immediately overstated because there’s always a distant hope that sanity will return to the White House.

Here’s what the elevation of Kelly didn’t mean: Kelly may be an improvement on Priebus — your working definition of a low bar — but he is not going to bring order to the White House, from which Trump tweeted Monday morning that there was “no WH chaos!” Kelly may be a four-star general, but four won’t be…

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