More construction decisions reviewed by PUSD – California News

More construction decisions reviewed by PUSD – California News

The Plumas Unified School District was all set to remove three portable buildings and reroof four others at Chester Elementary on July 12 when the school board had second thoughts.

Although making the best use of Measure B money is the board’s primary concern, the board is also interested in the longevity of everything that gets built and that the district’s campuses look inviting to everyone, including prospective parents.

A majority of Plumas County voters approved the Measure B tax measure last November to fix deteriorating school buildings.

In the end, the board decided to postpone doing anything for now with portable buildings at both Chester and Quincy elementary schools until architects have a chance to develop master plans for the two campuses

The board also discussed what to do with portables at other schools, imminent repairs to the Greenville High School gym and how to keep construction going when contracts need changes.

Discussion about portables

Ray Bakker, new supervisor of maintenance and operations, and Daniel Malugani, Measure B contract manager, looked at the Chester Elementary portables and decided that some were in good enough shape to reroof and keep using.

However, school board members Leslie Edlund, Joleen Cline and Traci Holt questioned what the overall vision was for the Chester Elementary in terms of how the campus should look and function. They didn’t think that dilapidated portable buildings fit that vision or were worth the expense of reroofing.

The board members noted that four steel engineered modules were grouped together into a quad, including bathrooms, at C. R. Carmichael Elementary in Portola and that the modules have worked…

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