Must-reads and where to be read on this week’s literary web – California News

Must-reads and where to be read on this week’s literary web – California News

Three very different reads that stopped me in my tracks this week, plus a list of where writers can submit their work in August and September. Scroll on for literary links.

Three must-reads

The latest Lenny Letter features a piece by Morgan Jerkins entitled, “How I Overcame My Anger as a Black Writer Online.” Jerkins is a writer to watch — she publishes widely and her debut essay collection “This Will Be My Undoingis forthcoming from Harper Perennial in 2018 — and it’s easy to see why. Descriptors like “brave,” “raw” and “honest” get thrown around with abandon when describing writers’ work, but rarely are they so deserved.

From my own quaint bedroom, I could make my voice heard to hundreds of people,” writes Jerkins. “And when a verified Twitter user retweeted me, my words reached thousands. I could receive dozens of new followers in under two hours. I was formidable. My words were my own form of resistance, and I realized that my anger could be a form of currency: more bylines, money, contacts, influence. All of this was mine.”

In another corner of the web, the New Yorker published a story by Nick Romeo about SciFutures, a company that pays science fiction authors to write custom stories imagining the future for clients including Pepsi, Visa and NATO.

In one example of what SciFutures produces, written for a candy manufacturer, an illustrated story “imagines consumers touring a chocolate factory and donning virtual-reality headsets so that they can experience firsthand the sustainable growing practices of the cacao farmers and the humane treatment of workers along the…

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