School’s back, be on the lookout for kids | Chino Valley Review – Arizona News

School’s back, be on the lookout for kids | Chino Valley Review – Arizona News

Photo by Les Stukenberg.

Prescott Unified and other schools begin their 2017-18 school year this week and next. As a reminder be on the look out early in the morning and afternoons as children head to school either by foot, bike or bus. (Les Stukenberg/Courier)

Prescott Unified School District Service Center Director Shawn West wants all drivers to be aware school opens on Thursday (today) and that means big yellow buses during peak travel times and lots of little children.

“The first day of school kids are all excited and they don’t always pay attention to the rules,” West said, noting that school zones require motorists to keep to a speed limit of no more than 15 mph. “Be patient for the buses.”

When a school bus is loading or unloading, traffic must stop in both directions. School crosswalks also require motorists to stop to allow pedestrians to get from curb to curb before they move forward.

At school buildings, security has been increased with additional surveillance cameras at various entrance and exit points that will be consistently monitored.

“Our biggest message is to be extra vigilant,” West said of keeping an eye out for children who are running to catch a bus at their neighborhood stop, riding their bikes or walking to their local schools. “Stop at all school crossings.”

Police will have a strong presence around the schools and community on the first day, and so all drivers are advised to be wary and cautious to avoid tickets, and most importantly, avoid a tragedy, officials said.

“Our buses…

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