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 investigating bearing of arms on bear statue – Colorado News

The sorrowful look on the statue says it all, a frown that encapsulates Snowmass police officers’ bruin feelings.

If a bear season that in July saw over two calls a day for the real-life critters wasn’t enough, village authorities are investigating the toppling of a tall, longtime feature of the mall.

The incident resulted in a wooden bear sculpture missing its right paw, and a criminal-mischief inquiry.

A mall maintenance worker flagged down Snowmass Village Police Chief Brian Olson on Monday morning to report the vandalism.

“He told me the bear had been knocked down and damaged,” Olson said Wednesday. “It was laying face-down on the ground.”

The worker got help from passersby to lift it back up. One of those people told the worker they had seen a group the previous night rocking the statue, which has been on the mall for at least 15 years, back and forth around the time of last call at 2 a.m.

Snowmass police already have their hands full with actual bears, responding in July to 68 calls of them in cars and kitchens, or attempting entry. One was reported Tuesday near Taster’s restaurant, with another up Faraway Road, Olson said.

The statue’s paw remains missing, despite police searching nearby trash cans for it. Olson said the culprits might have borne it away. No suspects as of yet have been brought to bear.


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