Steve Earle, ‘smokin’ band’ return to Belly Up – Colorado News

Steve Earle, ‘smokin’ band’ return to Belly Up – Colorado News

While he’s never been one to shy away from politics, Steve Earle’s newest record doesn’t mention Donald Trump or the currently fractured and divided political climate in America.

“Everyone is shocked this record is not more political,” the singer-songwriter said in a recent phone interview. “But nobody knew this was going to happen.”

Earle, 62, said he supported Sen. Bernie Sanders for president but, like many Americans, expected Hillary Clinton to be elected in November.

“I went onstage expecting to have our first woman president,” he said. “I came off (stage) and learned we’d elected an orangutan.”

Earle said he and his longtime band, The Dukes, recorded the new record, “So You Wannabe An Outlaw,” in early December, and he thought about writing political songs for it. But he said he liked the batch of songs he had and decided to let them stand.

“I just let the record be what it is,” Earle said. “But this band’s smokin’. So the next one is gonna be just as country and way more political.”

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Earle and The Dukes hit the road at the beginning of July and are set to play Belly Up Aspen today. He said he plans to continue touring North America for the rest of the year before taking off for Australia and Europe in 2018.

“I do still enjoy touring,” he said before a recent show in Cincinnati. “You have to enjoy it or it will kill you if you don’t.”

“So You Wannabe An Outlaw” was released in the middle of June and is an unabashedly country record featuring duets with Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert and Johnny Bush, who wrote the Nelson classic “Whiskey River.” Earle said in a press statement he was “out to unapologetically ‘channel’…

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