The White Noise Bring Local Industrial Punk to Warped Tour – California News

The White Noise Bring Local Industrial Punk to Warped Tour – California News

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 8:22 a.m.


The white noise you want to hear.

Courtesy of Fearless Records

For a local band that’s technically releasing their first record, the White Noise are in a pretty damn good position. It’s hard for the quintet not to be happy about how so much of the country is hearing their ambient hardcore and industrial sounds for the first time, as they dropped AM/PM just a couple of weeks ago — which happened to coincide with the first dates on their summer-long stint on Warped Tour.

“It’s been incredible to showcase the new songs on the tour,” says lead guitarist Josh “KJ” Strock. “Even bands are coming up to us like ‘Dude, what was that song?’ Everyone’s enjoying what we’re doing, so it makes it even more rewarding in the end. It’s exciting for a band like us, because it feels like Warped Tour is made for us right now. We’re not a punk band by any means, but we want to bring back that feeling of Warped Tour.”

“It’s been a great opportunity to engage so many fans,” adds vocalist Shawn Walker. “We don’t like to sit around, so we’ll go out in the line everyday and engage with these people. Some of them give you the ‘No, I don’t want to listen to your shit’ look, but you convince some of them to come to your set. It’s awesome exposure, and it’s cool to be able to throw it out like that.”

Of course, the current incarnation of Warped Tour isn’t exactly how the guys of the White Noise remember it. Originally from Massachusetts and Texas, the bandmates have fond memories of catching their favorite punk and post-hardcore…

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