Tri-Valley letters: In a changed, gloomy world, a ray of light – California News

Tri-Valley letters: In a changed, gloomy world, a ray of light – California News

The codger and long-time resident sits on a bench, under a tree on the Iron Horse Trail, halfway through his 10-mile bike ride. He ponders the vicissitudes of three-quarters of a century and recalls real rails and the trains they rode on.

In the early ’70s, this location was a bit seedy — too many bars, gas stations and a mayor who took his shirt off in a local restaurant and broke into song, which was no big deal at the time. But, beside the affordability, the conviviality was remarkable; friendship and munificence abounded. So the wizened soul of that area tries to recapture that feeling from his place on the bench. He smiles and waves, but gestures of kindness are not reciprocated from people on the trail on this early eve.

A bit crestfallen, he prepares to mount his two-wheeler when a lady with two kids and a dog approach him with a comity he has not experienced in decades. The dog jumps in his lap, the red-headed kids give him a hug, and Mom wants to know about the area they just moved into. A friendship developed, a feeling of unity was established. The new family didn’t notice the tears in the eyes of the grateful old man as he headed home, and thought of the kinder, gentler days.

Bill Chestnut
San Ramon

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