Vail Daily column: Support the Eagle County Emergency Responders Fund – Colorado News

Vail Daily column: Support the Eagle County Emergency Responders Fund – Colorado News

Who are the first responders to the first responders? Eagle County receives more than 150,000 calls per year for emergency responders. After you’ve rescued your neighbors and friends and suddenly find yourself on the edge of despair because of some sudden event or situation, where do you go when you are the ones on the front line of defense? For many, the motto is, “We never rest, so that you and your family are safe.”

No one becomes a first responder to make a ton of money. None are easy jobs, and all require great sacrifices to one’s personal life, with an implicit threat to bodily injury, including death. On-call 24/7/365, these dedicated professionals have service to the community in their DNA. When not on duty, they often enroll in training sessions to fit around their professional schedules. They pride themselves on being prepared beyond minimum requirements for any possibility, from medical to fire, hostage situations, plane crashes, potential terrorism, natural disasters and beyond.

In addition, you will frequently find them volunteering in community and charitable events all across the county. This is not merely a career choice, but a calling. Yes, these are the people who run into danger when all others are running out. Yet when it is they who face personal tragedy, where can they turn?

While their respective agencies provide traditional employee benefits, oftentimes, the hazards of their jobs make them more vulnerable to certain conditions and situations that require additional support. That support is available from the Eagle County Emergency Responders Fund, a nonprofit committed to raising funds for all emergency responders.

The fund serves…

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