Amigos Unidos provides to muscle for other nonprofits | News – California News

Amigos Unidos provides to muscle for other nonprofits | News – California News

When Ellen Rosenberg and Katie Brodkin weren’t able to find an outlet for their high school sons to volunteer in the South Bay, the two women decided to create their own.

“I noticed that there were multiple organizations around girls doing things and volunteering together, but there weren’t so many opportunity for boys,” Rosenberg explained. “I just had this idea of why don’t we do something like National Charity League, where moms and sons can volunteer together and boys can work together?”

Rosenberg told Brodkin her idea and brought her on board.

“I thought an organization like this would set the groundwork for boys becoming lifelong volunteers and giving back,” Brodkin said. “I always knew I wanted something like that for the boys but also didn’t see anything like that in the South Bay.”

The Manhattan Beach women founded Amigos Unidos in 2011, a mother/son service organization providing hands-on support to philanthropies in the Southern California, South Bay communities and the greater Los Angeles area.

Amigos Unidos began with a class of about 20 boys, including Rosenberg’s and Brodkin’s sons. To help them get started, the two sought the help of the Student Services Advisory Council in Palos Verdes, which works to to facilitate various youth community service groups.

From there, the two women officially started the first Amigos Unidos group during the 2011/2012 school year. The women emailed other parents with sons the same age as their own. Most parents were interested, as they were facing the same problem finding outlets for their…

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