Big Lift gives literacy a boost | Local News Stories – California News

Big Lift gives literacy a boost | Local News Stories – California News

Thanks to the Big Lift Inspiring Summers program, about 250 Coastside kids got a boost to maintain or improve their reading skills to be successful when the school year starts. Dancing, singing and playing, they celebrated their successes in closing ceremonies at El Granada Elementary School and Pescadero Elementary School on July 21.

“What has your favorite part of summer been?” asked Debbie Silveria, principal of the El Granada program.

“Everything!” was one response.

“The teachers,” another student said.

“School,” more than a few quipped.

This is the second summer that students in kindergarten through second grade have taken part in a program that incorporates the best of school and summer camp.

During the mornings, they learned from an academic curriculum that blended reading, science, math and engineering activities. In a lesson called “Fairytale Engineering,” students developed solutions for problems that characters in popular children’s stories encountered. Biology lessons involved dissecting owl pellets and learning with wildlife experts. To get a taste of chemistry, they made their own ice cream and created their own volcanoes. They gardened, and learned about relaxation and mindfulness through yoga and breathing activities.

Friday field trips took them off site to such places as San Mateo Memorial Park and Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. These are just a few of the adventures that kept them active and engaged with their education to prevent summer brain drain.

Seven-year-old Elaine Lopez’s family came to see…

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