Bringing the Aloha Spirit | Malibu Life – California News

Bringing the Aloha Spirit | Malibu Life – California News

The spirit of aloha filled the Malibu Library Thursday afternoon—first with a Polynesian dance demonstration and show and then with a concert on the courtyard featuring our town’s one and only Malibu Ukulele Orchestra (MUO).

There were plenty of smiles and a lot of people singing along to the group’s upbeat set list, including “Octopus’ Garden,” “Happy Together” and “I’m a Believer.” The group’s upbeat vibe and uniform of Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops is unlike a traditional orchestra, and features some off-beat instruments including a few banjoes and the infrequently seen “gut bucket”—a one-stringed bass instrument made from a wash basin and mop handle.


A large group gathers at the outdoor patio of the Malibu Library to listen to the Malibu Ukulele Orchestra perform on Wednesday afternoon.


One of MUO’s cofounders, Carter Crary, only started playing ukulele about five years ago. He said one of his earliest childhood memories is seeing his father play…

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