CURTAIN’S UP: Kids’ Stuff On Stage Thanks To ICT | Entertainment – California News

CURTAIN’S UP: Kids’ Stuff On Stage Thanks To ICT | Entertainment – California News

Could summer be coming to an end already? Sadly, it’s true, at least as evidenced by the conclusion of a pair of summer youth conservatories sponsored by local theatre companies.

International City Theatre’s annual program came to a festive close on July 27 with a show written and performed by its 25 participants. Ranging in age from 7 to 15, these talented, ethnically-diverse youngsters were educated in acting, music, dance and movement during the conservatory’s four intensive weeks. The professional adult artist-educators imparting their knowledge and experience were Jordan Gohara, Shelly Burkert, Sharyn Evans and Jeremiah Peoples.

The culmination of all their hard work was “Disney Kid-tastrophe: Lost in Disneyland.” It was an hour-long performance filled with music and humor (and followed by a punch and cookies reception). While the audience was mostly comprised of family members and friends, the general public was invited to attend. The show depicted what happens when a group of younger children becomes separated from their parents during a trip to the happiest place on Earth. Naturally, their amusingly self-absorbed parents lose track of their offspring while making a Starbucks run in the park.

Not content to sit around and wait for their elders to return, the youngsters set off on their own adventure that includes a ride on the Matterhorn. A pair of flummoxed Disneyland officials becomes involved, as do a quartet of Disney princesses plus other animated characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Maui from last year’s…

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