Greenwich P&Z commissioners close public hearing on housing regs – Connecticut News

Greenwich P&Z commissioners close public hearing on housing regs – Connecticut News

GREENWICH — Planning and Zoning commissioners have been wrestling over the past year with questions central to the concerns of homeowners, builders and realtors — namely, how big houses can be.

The changes would affect how the town measures the ratio of allowable floor space to property when regulating the size of homes in Greenwich.

Zoning commissioners earlier this year denied proposed changes — which would have altered when a basement or attic counts as a story, affecting a home’s allowable height, and when a basement or attic’s floor space counts toward a home’s allowable overall floor area, affecting a home’s allowable size.

The commission now is considering a new proposal — which suggests changes in those same areas. But where the former plan would have relaxed restrictions, allowing homes to grow, and was favored by builders and sellers, the new package could achieve the opposite, and has been roundly opposed by those groups.

The proposed changes came up before the zoning commission again this week. But despite the passion the subject has ignited, the commissioners’ discussion took place before a nearly empty Town Hall meeting room Tuesday night. By the time the issue got to the floor, it was midnight, and exhausted crowds that had debated unrelated but similarly controversial development proposals for Riverside and Old Greenwich, had gone home.

“I don’t think this is ready to be passed tonight,” Theresa Hatton, president of the Greenwich Association of Realtors, told commissioners in reference to the rules changes.

Hatton had been waiting since the Planning and Zoning meeting began at 7:15 p.m. to speak.

“Can we please keep…

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