Have Phoenix City Council candidates gone too far to win your vote? – Arizona News

Have Phoenix City Council candidates gone too far to win your vote? – Arizona News

Voters love a candidate they can relate to, but the opponents in Phoenix’s only contested City Council race may have finally gone too far in their efforts to woo them.

Some things — like the kind of swimsuit incumbent Sal DiCiccio prefers — should remain a mystery. 

And at the other end of the spectrum, supporters of Kevin Patterson are literally taking their efforts too far — like all the way to Pennsylvania.

Going swimmingly

DiCiccio on Saturday will host what could be the most conservative pool party in Phoenix — complete with juice boxes.

After a look at the guest list, we wonder if State Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines will embody his title. And we’re hoping nobody gets too wild, or else Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery will have to bring down the heavy hand of the law.

One more thing to ponder: Will Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates and Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman fight over who gets to DJ? Someone let us know!

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A little help from … someone?

Supporters of Patterson went another route, sending out campaign pitches in the mail that looks like they could have come from your grandma.

A handwritten postcard signed by (we assume) an actual person touts Patterson as a local guy who supports families and safe neighborhoods.

But when it comes to note-writing nanas, they’re apparently…

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