Jose Mangin Squeezes His Love for Metal Into Orange County – California News

Jose Mangin Squeezes His Love for Metal Into Orange County – California News

More than a shredding guitar player, thundering drummer or even a guttural vocalist, Jose Mangin knows how to ensure the local metal community gets heard.

On a recent Wednesday night at the Observatory in Santa Ana, the sounds of Satan echo from the small, densely packed Constellation Room. Metalheads swarm the stage during the inaugural Affliction Metal Night, sponsored by Seal Beach-based Affliction Clothing. As the road crew for headlining band Kyng complete their soundcheck, Mangin prepares to warm up the crowd. Sporting a rugged Affliction T-shirt, ripped jeans and gauged earrings, he runs onto the stage in front of a sweaty, savage metal heads.

“Before Kyng comes out, let’s give it up for all of the photographers and the security guards working hard for you here tonight,” Mangin says. “We are all together to support local bands here in Orange County and to support metal.”

If the genre’s spiritual essence—euphoria, aggression, confidence and power—could be collected into human form, it would resemble Mangin. The radio host and newly appointed vice president of brand management for Affliction is one of the metal world’s biggest ambassadors.

Despite his own metal empire—or perhaps because of it—Mangin isn’t shy about wearing his fandom on his sleeve. “I love to make artists and musicians comfortable, and I want them to tell me that the interview was fun and they got to say what they wanted to say,” Mangin says. “I want them to be in the elevator on the way down from wherever our interview is and overhear them say, ‘That was the best interview I have ever done.'”

Mangin has also hosted such music festivals as Carolina Rebellion, Knotfest…

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