Lifesaving lunch: Man thanks Glenwood EMTs – Colorado News

Lifesaving lunch: Man thanks Glenwood EMTs – Colorado News

Peter Harbelis had a close call Saturday and says he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the quick response from the Glenwood Springs Fire Department.

To thank Glenwood Fire’s emergency responders for their lifesaving aid while he was having a heart attack, Harbelis on Thursday helped to keep their stomachs full by bringing barbecue to the firehouse.

He hadn’t been feeling well Saturday morning, and when Harbelis was walking to work, his symptoms took a turn for the worse. Luckily the firehouse is on his way to work at the Chocolate Moose. He was passing by the firehouse when he decided that his symptoms needed to be checked out immediately.

Harbelis said it felt like he had a gorilla sitting on his chest, what Glenwood EMTs called classic chest and arm pain that are symptoms of a heart attack. His arm felt like it was tied with a tourniquet and pain shot through his neck and jaw.

“I think it’s more painful and scary than people realize,” he said Thursday.

The medical responders took his vitals, took information about his pain and symptoms and administered some medication. They also took an EKG reading that showed a cardiac alert, and crews contacted Valley View Hospital to prep a cardiac team for an incoming patient. During all this, the emergency medical crew at the Fire Department was very professional and stayed calm, “which probably helped me stay calm too,” said Harbelis. “They did what they do best, which is to save lives.”

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