Mark Wilson: About the new manager – California News

Mark Wilson: About the new manager – California News

Most working Americans have at some point run into a new manager who doesn’t know his ankle from his elbow but is determined to make his mark by telling everyone else what they’re doing wrong.

He doesn’t know where supplies are kept or the most efficient way to complete the work. He runs roughshod over productive relationships that workers have forged with one another and with clients. He ignores long-standing employees with a deep knowledge of the business because he’s sure he knows better. So the best employees leave, institutional knowledge disappears, clients go elsewhere, morale plummets and the business suffers.

This is the situation we’re experiencing now in our federal government. Mr. Trump and many members of his administration came into office with little to no knowledge of how government functions or of what their role in it is supposed to be. Others arrived with a stated intent to either eliminate the office they are supposed to direct or to undermine it. As a result, many excellent government employees who have loyally served through multiple administrations have either been dismissed or have left because they can no longer do their jobs. Well into Mr. Trump’s first year, the federal government continues to limp along, with many critical positions left unfilled and many others filled by unqualified people.

This inability to understand the value of hiring, retaining and learning from knowledgeable, experienced employees clearly shows in Mr. Trump’s proposed budget — particularly in the area of science. Scientific research builds upon previous research. It benefits from well-trained, experienced individuals with deep knowledge of their subject,…

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