Taiwan Housing Project Interview, Downtown Phoenix Valley Bar August 4 – Arizona News

Taiwan Housing Project Interview, Downtown Phoenix Valley Bar August 4 – Arizona News

Friday, August 4, 2017 at 7 a.m.

Taiwan Housing Project are coming to downtown Phoenix.

Donald Bruno

Taiwan Housing Project’s sound is suited for our times. In an era when watching the news is liable to make any sane person anxious enough to break out into a cold sweat or bust out laughing, the Philadelphia band sounds like they’re working through the same anxieties in their music. Free-wheeling and chaotic, they mix punk fury with out-there free jazz sax blurts and bad acid sonic textures. It’s music that sounds like it’s melting as it howls through your speakers.

A shifting collective of musicians led by Kilynn Lunsford and Mark Feehan, the group is touring the country in support of their incendiary new record, Veblen Death Mask, with a stop at Valley Bar on August 4. The two songwriters opened up to us about their surprising musical influences, Southeast Asian architecture, and how death motivates them as musicians.

New Times: As a group, you’ve got this chaotic,sprawling sound. I was wondering what kind of groups influenced the development of your unique style?
Mark Feehan: Flipper. That’s a major influence on me.

Kilynn Lunsford: Plastic People Of The Universe. Diamanda Galas. Lydia Lunch. I have a lot of influences, but I don’t know if we sound exactly like them.

Feehan: Johnny Thunders influenced me a lot. And Hendrix.

Lunsford: I’m into a lot of sound collage and 20th-century composers. A lot of the sensibilities from those recordings have kinda seeped into my way of thinking about sound and textures and the way we use space in our recordings. … I grew up in the South. My first concert was…

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