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The Slow Times | Evening Times – Arkansas News

The Slow Times

Times Outdoors Columnist Late July and August are “slow times” for both hunters and fishermen. It has become very hot and most of the fishing has become very slow, with a few exceptions like the White River Lakes for the last two weeks. Hunting is about a month way with dove season starting on Saturday, Sept. 2.

The opening weekend is always full with invited hunts and cook-outs.

Quite often the second weekend is good with the dove fields having had a week to get new birds and maybe cooler weather.

After the first couple of weekends, there is very little serious dove hunting.

Squirrel season has been going on but the heat and insects have kept most hunters out of the woods.

The jumping carp at Horseshoe Lake problem is on hold until the court trial, whose date has not been determined after several postponements.

There is just not much for Papa Duck to tell you about, so we can discuss some odds and ends.

We live out in the country and have a four acre yard that always needs cutting and we have an infestation of armadillos, better know as “possum on the half shell”. They dig big holes and destroy a yard plus making it difficult to mow.

Bill Clarke, the pecan cracker man at Horseshoe, showed me his trap that is made in south Mississippi and explained how it works. I ordered a trap and have caught two of these unwanted pests.

The traps do not harm the critter and you have to decide how to dispose of him. If anyone is interested, I will be glad to give you the number.

A reader who shoots a bow-and-arrow suggested that a rough fish archery tournament at Horseshoe Lake would thin down the unwanted fish like gar,…

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