TheaterWorks’ Raucous ‘Raging Skillet’ A Mix Of Sweet And Salty – Connecticut News

TheaterWorks’ Raucous ‘Raging Skillet’ A Mix Of Sweet And Salty – Connecticut News

One of the earliest signature dishes created by the celebrated New York caterer Rossi was the “Snickers and Potato Chip Casserole.” It is designed to serve “six not-so-stoned teenagers, or two who are stoned,” and consists of candy bars, marshmallows, butter and chips.

In her empowering “memoir with recipes” “The Raging Skillet,” published in 2015 by The Feminist Press, Rossi helpfully suggests that when making this casserole you should “go for plain chips, not salt and vinegar or anything like that.”

Hartford playwright Jacques Lamarre has adapted Rossi’s 2015 memoir “The Raging Skillet” into a three-person play that resembles that casserole: It’s sweet and slippery, with some tough chewy bits. And acting against Rossi’s advice, Lamarre goes for the salt and vinegar.

“Raging Skillet” has its world premiere at TheaterWorks through Aug. 27, closing the theater’s 2016-17 season.

The play is presented as a cooking demo by Rossi (Dana Smith-Croll, a versatile actress who’s active with the off-Broadway TACT company) and her sous chef DJ Skillit (George Salazar of the off-Broadway cult musical “Be More Chill”). The event is crashed early on by Rossi’s long-dead mother, credited only as Mom and played by the veteran New York actress Marilyn Sokol.

The style shifts from a lecture/presentation (“Welcome to the launch party for my first-ever book”) to presentation-with-interruption…

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