Trump Now Sliding Perilously Close to “Sack-of-Sh*t” Territory – By pkane – August 3, 2017 – California News

Trump Now Sliding Perilously Close to “Sack-of-Sh*t” Territory – By pkane – August 3, 2017 – California News

Kind of like how every year is The Hottest Year on Record, every week of the Trump administration seems to be the most dysfunctional, the most self-defeating, and the most embarrassing for America. It’s hard to tease out the hyperbole from the dizzying reports of executive ineptitude and maintain a sense of perspective, especially since it was only last week that Obamacare repeal exploded in Mitch McConnell’s hand for the fourth time. It was also only last week(!) when Trump concocted a ban on transgender Americans serving in the Armed Forces as a way of shoring up support with his base. Oddly, many Republicans and even the military didn’t seem eager to take that one up. (The U.S. military does many dubious things, but it displays loyalty toward its own.)

There was also the attempt to turn the Boy Scout Jamboree into a Hitler Youth rally, although bragging to a bunch of teenagers in West Virginia about your friend who owned and lost a yacht is maybe too crude and meandering to achieve the requisite oratorical lift. And don’t forget that full-throated endorsement of police violence! But all of that was last week, and this week is even more chaotic, starting with the end of Anthony Scaramucci’s 11-day tenure as White House chief of staff. 

If you want some hard numbers, here it is: Trump’s approval hit a new low. People really hate the guy. They hate him more than they hated the last two guys — and a lot of people hated those guys. But if you think all polls are skewed — and even Rasmussen, the notoriously pro-GOP pollster, still pegs trump at under 40 percent — or if you prefer to measure anti-Trump sentiment by measuring the hairline cracks…

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