When will President Trump bomb North Korea? – Arizona News

When will President Trump bomb North Korea? – Arizona News

Americans hope that President Trump and his team can resolve the North Korean tension. Nobody wants anyplace in America to be struck by an atomic or hydrogen bomb. We are not totally clear on what North Korea can do with a missile but it is growing clearer their program has advanced and growing stronger almost day by day. Although few people seem to believe North Korea has a hydrogen bomb.

We were blindsided by Japan December 7, 1941 when they attacked Pearl Harbor. The Japanese killed 2,335 servicemen. An additional 1,143 were wounded. They attacked us for 110 minutes from 7:55 a.m. until 9:45 a.m. Hundreds of Japanese planes sank or damaged 21 warships and destroyed more than 150 planes on nearby airfields. That was a horrendous day in our history that we never want repeated.

There is no way to be blindsided by North Korea. Kim Jong -un doesn’t like the United States and has not made that a secret. North Korea appears to have the ability to hit major US cities according to experts with their increasingly developed missiles.

What has not been determined is how heavy a payload the missile was carrying in its most recent test which occurred last Friday. According to experts the heavier the payload the shorter the range. Experts have estimated that last Friday’s test missile had the ability to hit Alaska.

The state run Korean Central News Agency said Saturday that the most recent missile test was a Hwasongt-14, the same missile tested earlier this month. The news agency also added that Washington should regard the launch as a “grave warning.” Kim Jong -un has been quoted saying “the whole US mainland” is now within North Korea’s reach….

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