5 ways to help kids start the school year strong | Family Living – California News

5 ways to help kids start the school year strong | Family Living – California News

(BPT) – The beginning of the school year isn’t just about getting backpacks and school supplies ready. It’s also a time when parents check to make sure their children are ready for success in their next classroom.

According to a national survey of K-8 parents conducted by the parent organization Learning Heroes, parents are uneasy when it comes to raising their children, with peer pressure and their children’s happiness at the top of their worries. In fact, three of five parents say it is more important their child be happy and not overly stressed than to do well academically.

When it comes to academics, nearly all parents — nine in 10 — believe their children are performing at or above their grade level. In reality, however, only about a third of American students are performing at the level they need to be to succeed in school.

“As a mother of two teen boys, this disconnect is a heartbreaking wake-up call,” says Bibb Hubbard, founder of Learning Heroes. “Parents are all in when it comes to their children’s happiness and success, owning the responsibility for how well their children perform in school. It’s clear that most parents lack an accurate picture of their children’s progress, as they aren’t getting clear, understandable and actionable information they need to best support their children’s learning and growth.”

To help parents get their kids ready to start the school year on the right foot, Learning Heroes offers parents five easy actions they can take to help get a more accurate picture of their…

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