A Legacy Of Compassion In Words And Photos – – Connecticut News

A Legacy Of Compassion In Words And Photos – – Connecticut News

Canine Advocates of Newtown, Inc, has been helping homeless animals for nearly two decades. The group’s legacy of compassion has made a positive impact on the town’s cats and dogs, more than most may realize.

Since the organization’s inception, every newspaper article, event flyer, and adoptable animal photo has been archived by its members in customized scrapbooks to chronicle Canine Advocates’ work throughout the years.

After creating nearly a dozen albums, Canine Advocates decided to give them all to Newtown’s Brian J. Silverlieb Animal Care & Control Center, 21 Old Farm Road, on Wednesday, August 2.

Those who are interested in learning about the work the group has done and the animals they have helped will be able to access this information-rich resource. The books will reside on a large wooden bookshelf, donated by Newtown Color Center, in the entrance of the animal control center.

Virginia Jess, founder and president of Canine Advocates, explained that the first scrapbook project was originally made by member Kelly Walker, but once she moved, Judith Caracciolo took over the duties.

Now considered the Canine Advocate historian, 2017 will be Ms Caracciolo’s 12th (and final) year making the scrapbooks.

She has gone above and beyond simple archiving and labeling. Each page is meticulously designed to incorporate personal touches of color, unique backgrounds, detailed boarders, and various artistic embellishments.

Unsure just how many hours she has invested into the project — estimating two pages could take two hours — she made sure the work done was preserved for future generations to enjoy.

“Everything is acid-free: the books, the paper, anything…

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