Big Brother on a roll – Alabama News

Big Brother on a roll – Alabama News

So, have you heard the one about the Wisconsin company that is putting microchips in its employees? Nope, that’s not a misprint. Yep, it’s really taking place. It’s happening at Three Square Market, a tech outfit in the Badger State.

More than 50 of the company’s 80 employees have agreed to have the grain of rice-sized chip implanted between their thumb and index finger. Now everything from swiping into the office building to buying lunch at the cafeteria can be done with the motion of a hand.

But not to worry, company officials expound. The chips have no GPS capability, and their purpose is not to track the private lives of the employees. Yeah. Right.

That distant rumble you hear is George Orwell screaming from his grave “Do y’all b’leev this sh… er… stuff?”

There are so many directions for me to go on this thing, that I really don’t know where to start. First off, how hard is it for you to reach in your pocket/pocketbook to retrieve your ID card to get into work? And, how hard is it for you to reach into your pocket/pocketbook to get a few bucks or your bankcard to pay for a sammich and drink at the lunch counter?

So, half of the 80 employees said “Sign me up for this chip thing. I think its swell.” Welp, how many of them are really thinking “Corporate is behind this. I better go along or I may lose my job/promotion/raise.”

Honestly, who came up with this idea? And, why do they think it’s got a place in a free society. Communist China? Yes, that’s how they roll. Some saber-rattling, little Banana Republic, despotic dictatorship? Sure, why not.

(That previous example is really just me trying to figure out how many…

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