Brandon Kabelman’s Death in Lakewood Remains a Mystery – Colorado News

Brandon Kabelman’s Death in Lakewood Remains a Mystery – Colorado News

It was a bizarre scene that greeted emergency responders late in the evening of August 4, 2016. Lying in the roadway near the intersection of 10th and Garrison in Lakewood was a thirty-year-old male who’d suffered a severe head injury. Nearby was an SUV that had crashed into a utility pole. The only witness to the entire episode, the injured man’s sister-in-law, said that he’d decided to leap from a moving vehicle, for reasons that weren’t entirely clear.

One year later, much about what happened to Brandon Kabelman remains bafflingly unclear. His obituary describes Kabelman’s death as “a tragic accident,” but Lakewood police detectives have declined to declare it an accident or a suicide, and they continue to work the case as “a very much still active investigation,” according to LPD spokesman Steve Davis.

No one directly involved in that investigation will comment on it. But records associated with the case give some indication of why the circumstances of Kabelman’s death remain shrouded in questions and mysteries.

According to initial news reports, Kabelman’s sister-in-law, Megan Harvey, told police that she was riding in the SUV with him when the two got into an argument. Kabelman, who was driving, abruptly jumped from the moving car; Harvey said she grabbed the wheel but was unable to keep the SUV from crashing into power poles. Kabelman’s wife, Michelle, who was evidently in the area in another vehicle, then arrived on the scene and called 911.

But a police statement indicates that detectives were unable to confirm that Kabelman was driving. And the
subsequent autopsy examination yielded forensic evidence that was at odds with witness accounts. Kabelman had…

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