Bypass to Bucks Lake opened, but it is limited – California News

Bypass to Bucks Lake opened, but it is limited – California News

Brush Creek >> A route has been opened around the washouts that block Oro Quincy Highway east of Oroville, but it’s not for recreational vehicles and trailers, and it’s not for people who like to drive fast.

The Plumas National Forest made some improvements to Corey Road (Forest Service Road 22N49) and Four-Mile Ridge Road (22N33), which with Butte County’s French Creek Road, bypass the washouts that closed the main highway.

Oro Quincy washed out in two locations north of Mountain House, about 20 miles east of Oroville, cutting off direct access from Oroville to Bucks Lake and other mountain recreation areas.

Corey Road roughly parallels the washed out main highway, but even with some improvements, it’s a long, long way from being a highway.

“This is a dirt road; people should drive with extreme caution, no more than 25 mph,” said Plumas Forest spokeswoman Lee Anne Schramel from Quincy.

She said the forest had widened the road where it could and removed some trees and brush to improve sight-lines, “but the fact remains that in many locations this is a narrow dirt road.”

There are reports of people driving far too fast for the condition of the road. “This is not a highway speed bypass for the Oro Quincy Highway.”

There will be traffic controls on the road next week, as the forest service adds gravel in locations to protect resources, she said.

Highway repairs

As for how long it will be before the main highway is open, that’s an open question.

“I wish I could give you a definitive answer,” said Butte County Public Works Director Dennis Schmidt, “but I can’t.”

He explained that the federal government…

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