Drive Time: Safety and the stunning Ford Fusion Sport – Colorado News

Drive Time: Safety and the stunning Ford Fusion Sport – Colorado News

I’d no sooner tested a new safety feature in the 2017 Chevy Suburban one evening last week, when along came Nissan the next day “tooting its own horn” for a similar technology.

Crash-avoidance innovations headline the current rush of advances in automotive safety, though development in safety systems is spread throughout the vehicles’ structures.

It’s reached the back doors. Opening a rear door on the Suburban, I placed an iPad on the seat, closed the door, then opened and crawled into the driver’s seat. Later, upon parking the vehicle, its message center posted this: “Rear seat reminder, Look in rear seat.” I did and tucked the iPad under my arm. Nah, I wouldn’t have forgotten it without the reminder.

Nissan the next day sent me an embargoed press release regarding its version of the rear door alert, inspired by two company engineers who are also mothers. Nissan, too, will display a message regarding the rear seat, but adds a multiple horn honk to make sure it isn’t overlooked. Nissan will launch its application next month, when the 2018 Pathfinder is introduced.

As drivers, we’re often forgetful of what we’ve placed in the rear seat. Certainly no child should be left behind with or without these alerts.

Stunning power of the Sport edition of the 2017 Ford Fusion was in evidence recently during a week I spent with the ruby-red-finished all-wheel-drive sedan. Reverse sensing system, enhanced active park assist, adaptive cruise with stop-and-go, lane-keeping assist and blind-spot detection with cross-traffic alert were part of its safety makeup.

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