Ford F-150 the most stolen vehicle in Greeley since 2014, according to police – Colorado News

Ford F-150 the most stolen vehicle in Greeley since 2014, according to police – Colorado News

Greeley’s most stolen vehicles are consistent with the rest of the state, according to a new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Gus Rojo, a crime analyst who works for the Greeley Police Department, said the vehicle most likely to be stolen in Greeley is the Ford F-150, followed by the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic. Those same makes and models found themselves at the top of the NICB’s list, but in slightly different order: the most stolen car in Colorado as a whole is the Honda Accord, trailed by the Honda Civic and Ford pickups.

“This will change regionally,” Rojo said, saying that because there are more pickups in Greeley, they are more likely to be stolen.

Older cars might also be at a greater risk for being stolen, he said, because criminals have learned how to break into them effectively. Newer vehicles — complete with computer chips and key fobs — present a harder target for a criminal.

This is important because car theft is almost always a crime of opportunity, Rojo said. Of the 964 cars reported as stolen to the Greeley Police Department since 2014, 85 percent have been recovered. Rojo speculated this is because criminals will steal a car for a brief period of time — either to commit a crime or to flee law enforcement — then abandon it later. The only exception would be chop shop operations, but those are far less common.

For this reason, simply locking your car goes a long way in preventing it from being stolen. Rojo also said people often leave their cars unlocked with their keys inside, which makes the car an easy target for a criminal. In the winter months, people often turn their cars on to warm them up, then leave them…

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