His social experiment as Twitting quitter – California News

His social experiment as Twitting quitter – California News

Quitting Twitter isn’t as hard as one might think.

Being a member of a digital news organization, I’m encouraged to be on Twitter. My city editor, however, granted me dispensation for weeklong sabbatical to write a column on going Twitterless, and perhaps as a chance to ease the existential dread that comes to me with its never-ending stream of vitriol.

As of this writing, I’m a little less than two hours away from a full week without Twitter, besides the following slip-ups and exceptions: Touching the Twitter app icon twice out of habit (I closed out before seeing fresh tweets); clicking on links that directed to tweets instead of websites and checking Twitter messages a couple of times to retrieve phone numbers. I also used the Press-Telegram app to post articles while avoiding Twitter proper.

I don’t know if anyone other than the likes of the President of the United States, reality show personalties and trolls actually enjoy Twitter.

If Twitter has taught me anything, it’s that there’s a (hopefully small) number of Americans who really hate their counterparts on the opposite sides of the political spectrum. There is also a ridiculous number of people repeating the same terrible “covfefe” jokes because modern society appears to equate conformity (to the proper “influencers,” of course) with savvy.

I’ve often thought that Twitter and Facebook are changing society in ways we don’t fully understand, and I’m not alone in wondering if using social media subjects a person to a form of operant conditioning even though a user may only wish to see what’s going on, or to share a funny cat picture.


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