MUSICAL NOTES: Sweet Sounds In Nature (Center) | Entertainment – California News

MUSICAL NOTES: Sweet Sounds In Nature (Center) | Entertainment – California News

You know Jennifer Corday.

Long Beach native. Rocker. Sings around town a lot, at Malarkey’s and elsewhere. And she and her group did a very nice set at the El Dorado Nature Center the other night.

The Nature Center, in case you haven’t been there lately, has a new amphitheater. It’s right by the entrance, and it’s lovely. Concerts used to be in this little, semi-improvised setting on the grass. People sat wherever they could. The setting was bucolic, funky, and very pleasant, but not very comfortable. The new digs leave a lot more room, and the trees make a neat backdrop. It’s, shall we say, more civilized. They presented five concerts this year, with more planned.

There are benches designed for seating, but most folks bring low chairs or blankets and use them for tables. Picnics are encouraged. On a warm summer evening, the atmosphere is relaxing and beautiful.

And Corday puts on a good show. She has a terrific, smoky rock voice and plays a mean guitar. (Word on the street is that she also plays the cello, but we didn’t get that here.) Her band, also all from Long Beach, is terrific. Keith Larsen is an energetic and creative drummer, Damien Smith a dazzling master of lead guitar, and Desha (that’s De-SHAY) Dunnahoe is amazingly talented on bass. A supplemental track or two fills out the sound, and the band is tight.

Regular readers of this column, and I know you’re out there, will know that I’m not really a rock guy. Classical music won me over to the dark side in high school, and I’ve since picked up an affinity…

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