Opening a year-round homeless shelter more difficult than anticipated – California News

Opening a year-round homeless shelter more difficult than anticipated – California News

Salinas >> A Monterey County bid to open a temporary year-round homeless shelter is turning out to be more complicated and expensive than expected.

Last month, the Board of Supervisors agreed to develop a permanent shelter on a county-owned site at 1220 Natividad Road in Salinas and to pursue a temporary shelter at 321 North Main St. in Salinas for at least two years while the long-term site was being developed.

At the time, county officials indicated they hoped Salinas city officials would help expedite a shelter at the temporary site through a state law that allows “by right” use of property for emergency temporary housing for those without shelter. County officials said the goal was to have a temporary shelter open by Nov. 1, the traditional start of the “warming shelter” season and after a temporary shelter agreement with Dorothy’s Place and Victory Mission expired.

However, Salinas Community Development Director Megan Hunter said Friday city officials are recommending requiring a conditional use permit for the North Main Street site, despite the state emergency housing provision which city staff indicated in an email applied to the site’s location. They have already identified a series of building code issues that would need to be addressed before the site could be used as a shelter. She said city staff also still have to meet with county architect staff to identify additional improvements that could be required for the site.

Building code compliance work already identified, according to a Hunter email sent last month, includes removal or permitting of unpermitted mezzanine construction, clearing a code…

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