PCMS – California News

PCMS – California News

The signs of fire damage at Paradise Charter Middle School are almost completely erased as a work crew is putting the final touches on the brand new office and bathrooms before the new school year begins.

Only a few months ago, PCMS was forced to cancel classes because of an electrical fire that started overnight in a staff bathroom.

While the damage was restricted to only one of the buildings on campus, flames traveled through the rafters of the main office and affected electrical wiring, making it unusable for the rest of the school year.

The day of the fire, PCMS teachers, students and parents were at the school moving furniture and office items, that were saved, into other classrooms. Principal Chris Reid said that the joint effort between students and staff; partnered with support from the community helped push the school past the smoky setback.

“This became the everything room,” Reid said pointing to a small space crowded with desks. What used to be an elective room and space for staff, also became the makeshift office which housed the school secretary and Reid’s desk. Reid said that the employees didn’t mind limited elbow room, but privacy had become a concern.

The Paradise Alliance Church, which PCMS rents their property from, was willing to accommodate staff meetings, independent education plans and parent teacher conferences by opening up a wing of their building to the school free of charge.

Reid called the fire a burden, but considers PCMS very fortunate considering all the of support they’ve received.

When the fire occurred on March 15, firefighters were able to respond within minutes of the report due…

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