Sellers go all out for home showings – Orange County Register – California News

Sellers go all out for home showings – Orange County Register – California News

Life happens, especially during the summer in sunny Southern California.

You’ve got beach days, neighborhood barbecues, and pool parties. When you finally clear a two-hour window to look at houses you might want to live in, your Realtor gets busy setting up the showings, launching a flurry of activity.

Here’s an example of efforts made to ensure you have the best possible experience on your home shopping tour.

The McCoys have two kids, two dogs, a cat, a rat, and a snake. When they agree to make their house available for your showing between 10 and 10:30 Saturday morning, Mr. McCoy packs up the SUV at 9:30 with the two dogs to take their youngest child her tennis lesson, during which he will walk the dogs. He’s packed water for everyone, doggie disposal bags and sunscreen.

Meanwhile, Mrs. McCoy is busy wrangling the cat into her carrying case to secure her in the air conditioned office, careful to clean out her litter box and stash it in the garage.

She then runs the Swiffer across the high-end, wood-like laminate flooring, whisks the rat cage into the garage next to the kitty litter box, then packs up the other SUV with their eldest child, water and snacks and leaves for the volleyball tournament at 9:45. Before leaving, she sets the AC to a comfortable 72 degrees, turning on all the lights, and setting the flat-screen TV in the family room to the classical music station.

The Hatfields live in the house you’ll be visiting from 10:30 to 11 a.m. Their family includes two grandparents, two parents and two grandchildren.

To be on time, the grandmother gets the baby boy up from his morning nap a little bit early, so he’s fussy. But she finesses him into…

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