The ‘Fatal Attraction’ murder revisited | National – Connecticut News

The ‘Fatal Attraction’ murder revisited | National – Connecticut News

It’s a story made for the silver screen: A young teacher is engaged in a steamy affair with a charismatic older colleague when his wife turns up dead.

The press dubbed it the “Fatal Attraction” killing after the hot film of the moment, featuring Glenn Close as an obsessed, unhinged lover. TV movies and true crime books sprang up in the wake of the murder.

Forty-year-old Betty Jeanne Solomon was pistol whipped and shot nine times. After two trials, her husband’s 28-year-old girlfriend, Carolyn Warmus, was convicted of second-degree murder and locked behind bars for 25 years to life.

Some argue it’s a double tragedy, that the wrong person has been convicted of the crime. Warmus, now 53, suspects she was set up to take the fall. She and her legal supporters say the stories of ex-lover Paul Solomon and prosecution witness Vincent Parco falsely led to her portrayal as a stalker and potential killer.

They hope a glove potentially containing DNA, which officials have yet to test, holds the answers — and grounds for overturning her conviction.

Prosecutors argued there might not be a smoking gun, but circumstantial evidence points to Warmus, the Columbia University-educated daughter of a multimillionaire insurance magnate.

Warmus told CNN’s Kyra Phillips exclusively that she landed in prison for the mistake of dating a married man.

“I always said this is America. I couldn’t be found guilty at trial because I’m innocent,” Warmus said.

Solomon declined to speak to CNN for a special report airing Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

The affair and its aftermath


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