Trump won’t find success until developing discipline – Arkansas News

Trump won’t find success until developing discipline – Arkansas News

Published 8:48 p.m. CT Aug. 4, 2017

Usually it takes a lot of boring three-yard runs and a thick cloud of dust to drive any important piece of legislation across the goal line in Washington.

But at this late stage of the game QB Donald Trump and his Republican teammates are going to need a Hail Mary.

During the seven months they’ve been in control of the political football in D.C., they’ve brought no significant legislation before Congress. 

Republicans in the Senate deserve most of the blame for the failure of health care reform.

But the president — the owner, head coach, chief publicist and star quarterback of Team Trump — remains the biggest problem.

Like a reckless rookie unable to learn from his mistakes, QB Trump is repeatedly scrambling out of the pocket, throwing incompletions in every direction — and then blaming his blockers, receivers and cheerleaders on Twitter for his team’s negative yardage.

Meanwhile, for him and the GOP the 2017 congressional game clock is running down fast.

It’s already August. Congress is going home for vacation. Then you get into September and before you know it, it’s time for Congress to break for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Then comes 2018 and the mid-term elections. And then nothing important will happen in Congress, except that Republicans and Democrats will point fingers at each other and work hard overtime at getting re-elected.

President Trump and the Republicans have to go into their hurry-up offense and pass something important on health care, tax reform…

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