What’s up with water tank work? | Letters To Editor – California News

What’s up with water tank work? | Letters To Editor – California News

Something may have gone dreadfully wrong with the water tank refurbishing project on El Granada Boulevard. The project was supposed to be complete in July as reported by the HMB Review. Looking at the project, it seems a mess. There is a lot of debris, supplies and all manner of stuff in disarray. There is gravel strewn halfway across the street. The paint is unfinished with huge blotches.

Recently, a neighbor described a scene with the painting company apparently having a loud verbal disagreement with the county building inspector. The neighbor said she heard the paint job had been botched and needed to be redone.

This is, of course, hearsay, removed from what actually may or may not have happened. But I think the Review should investigate. The community and customers of Coastside County Water District deserve to know what the hay is going on.

As for myself, living in the next house west of the tank, 60 feet away or so, the thought of enduring another long period of extremely loud noise (the sandblasting sounds like a jet engine taking off), the dust, the fumes, all manner of workers coming and going, the parking clogged up and down the street, and sometimes having my driveway blocked by work vehicles, is not something I look forward to. I don’t want my tranquility and pursuit of happiness disrupted for perhaps more months into the future.

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