Where to see the Perseids in the Verde Valley | The Verde Independent – Arizona News

Where to see the Perseids in the Verde Valley | The Verde Independent – Arizona News

VERDE VALLEY – At 80 meteors an hour, the Perseids are one of nature’s most famous light shows. This year the waning moon’s light during the peak of the shower (Aug. 12-13) will make it more difficult than usual to see the glittering shower, but not impossible. The meteors can be spotted from now until Aug. 24.

An ideal time of night to view the shower will be after midnight, and after 1 a.m. is even better. To locate the shower, look to the northeast. Try to find the Cassiopeia constellation (it’s a W shape). The shower will be directly underneath Cassiopeia. During the peak, the meteors can be seen zooming by in all directions at over one a minute.

Dennis Young, the acting president of Sirius Lookers of Sedona Arizona Astronomy, recommends placing a structure between oneself and the moon while viewing, like a building or a tree. This will shadow the eyes, as a look at the moon will cause the eyes to dilate, and it takes about a half hour for the eyes to adjust to the darkness. Young also suggested bringing some binoculars to catch sight of the smoke trails the meteors leave behind, as they’re visible for up to an hour after the meteor zooms by.

It is possible to see the meteors from a yard (turn your porch light off!) but visibility increases the longer you’re willing to drive away from light pollution.

Here are some of the darkest and accessible places local astronomers recommend to catch sight of the shower within both the central Verde Valley and Sedona recommended by local astronomers:

Central Verde Valley locations, recommended by JD Maddy, President of the Astronomers of Verde Valley:

Beaver Head Flat Road (34.7401°N,…

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