Adrian Peterson itching to hit the field this preseason | National – California News

Adrian Peterson itching to hit the field this preseason | National – California News

METAIRIE, LA – Saints running back Adrian Peterson spoke to the media following Day 9 of 2017 Training Camp presented by Verizon.

You picked the right day to not practice today right?

“That was the first thing I thought when I came out here. If there is a day, this might be the day. It was pretty humid today, but guys put some good work in and rode through it.”

Sean Payton says with veteran players you don’t have to see it every day, but you have to see it. Do you need to see it every day or how do you gauge where you are through a week?

“Even on these off days, you still take advantage of it mentally, staying in tune and preparing as well. I was up pretty late last night going over the two-minute offense, knowing that I wasn’t going to be a part of it. Today, I was able to come out and get some good recovery for my body, which is huge for me.”

You didn’t seem to have too many questions about where you would be in pads, but how do you feel? Are you where you want to be?

“I’m healthy without a doubt. I’m not exactly where I want to be, but I’m working towards that and I’m working extremely hard. In my mind, it’s just each day working on the little things that will make you better. That’s been my main focus throughout this grind and this training camp.”

Where exactly do you want to be?

“It is a combination of stuff. Having my legs underneath me and learning so much for the new offense and the new system. It is really a combination of those two things. Taking care of my body as well, but basically those two…

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